30 Scorpion anti-venom serum provided by Libyan Helping Hands  to save lives .

Libya’s venomous scorpions cause the greatest havoc at this time of year, with their painful stings sometimes proving fatal to the very young or very old.  In a growing trend of fatalities this year  2021 ,unfortunately many of the victims died, many parents lost their children in the absence of the antidote.

In just the last week  three children were sadly killed by scorpion stings due to a shortage of serums  to protect them from such a fatality.

A total of 30 anti-venom serums were successfully distributed to Sabha Medical center in the southern region of Libya , the  total cost of these anti-venom serums were   £567 ( 3750 LYD ) and funds by Donation received by Libyan Helping Hands

We are happy that we supplied these 30 anti-venom serums a s emergency doses  to be used until the Libyan health ministry   take action.

With the generous support of the our Donors , we were able to avert many deaths by making the time-critical treatment available . With your help and generous donations, Libyan Helping Hands  has managed to  supply these  anti-venom serums to alleviating the hardships of the ill and vulnerable children and to to safe lives.

Video form , Sabha Medical centre in the southern region of Libya witnessed the provision of scorpion vaccines kindly delivered  30 syringes by the Libyan Helping Hands