Our governance

The Libyan Helping Hands is a charity registered in  Scotland, we are registered (SC042468) by the Scottish charity regulator. We are governed by a Deed of Trustees. The day-to-day running of the charity is the responsibility of the  Trustees Board .

Being registered to the OSCR means we are committed to its Fundraising Promise which outlines our commitment to donors and the public. This means we ensure that our fundraising is legal, open, honest and respectful. The standards for fundraising are set out in the Code of Fundraising Practice.

Our Policies

Libyan Helping Hands  committed to its Fundraising Promise which outlines our commitment to donors and the public. This means we ensure that our fundraising is legal, open, honest and respectful.

Libyan Helping Hands Charity understands the importance of The Trust ; the responsibility and accountability it brings. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent and aim to provide you with feedback from the moment you donate until we have carried out the work you have donated towards.

Donation Guiding Principles

A donation must be evaluated to establish whether it is in the best interests of Libyan Helping Hands to accept or refuse it. Libyan Helping Hands will use the following factors to evaluate:

  • The donation contributes to the Charity’s overall strategy
  • The donor’s objectives and activities must not be incompatible with the Charity’s vision, mission and values, particularly if this risk causes damage to the Charity’s integrity, public image or professional reputation
  • Libyan Helping Hands will not accept donations from companies or individuals whose wealth is known to be a result of illegal activities or where there are allegations of corruption or related crimes

Libyan Helping Hands will refuse donations in the following circumstances:

  • Where the activities of a donor are directly contrary to the objectives of Libyan Helping Hands
  • Where Libyan Helping Hands suspects that the Donation  has been donated to facilitate money laundering

Donation best practices and guidelines

  • When donating via the website or via bank transfer, please indicate the charitable aim(s) you wish your donation to be applied to through the Payment Reference , we treat these donations as restricted funds. If any funds are not referenced these classified unrestricted funds ( No Reference Funds) , the trustees may use those donations for any project at their discretion.
  • If we collect insufficient funds to complete the charitable works for which you have donated, the trustees will use their discretion to move additional funds from unrestricted funds to complete the project.
  • If the charitable need for which we have collected for no longer exists or has been completed, then the trustees will use their discretion to ascertain the intention of the donors and any surplus funds would be allocated towards another appropriate similar project.

100% Donations Policy

All the charity’s administrative and running costs ware kept to minimum and there are listed below

NO Wages No Salaries Policy

There are no wages no Salaries to pay to anyone in charity , We work from home , so we do not have any expenses to pay for offices rent or any maintenance or utility cost . we use our personal Laptops for work , Personal Printer and scanner to do the paper work.