Orphan Support Appeal Ramadan 2023

In countries such as Libya , poverty , war and indiscriminate violence claimed the lives of many , Women who have lost their husbands face extreme difficulties. While grieving for their beloved partners, they need to be strong enough to soothe, comfort as well as provide for their children.
Despite the distance, you continued to support those in need. and  shining a light on the hidden wounds .

With no opportunity to work or help with childcare, life can be tough for these women in Libya. You can help rebuild their lives by supporting Libyan Helping Hand Orphans Fund  Appeal and donating to our  Orphans campaign or sponsoring a child.

You would be providing them with essential aid, such as food, financial support and security ,

Help them look forward to a brighter future by donating today.

Samples message of the Orphans mothers we received