Libyan helping Hands’s commitment to prevent aid diversion

Through all its work, Libyan Helping Hands  adheres to the fundamental humanitarian principles of independence and impartiality and respects the human rights of all people. We work hard to ensure that our funds and resources further our mission to fight poverty and that we provide assistance based on people’s need.

Libyan Helping Hand is determined that all its funds and resources should only be used to further its mission and shall not be subject to diversion by any third party. We seek to ensure that our funds and resources do not make it into the hands of armed groups, or of organisations that UK  governments have proscribed.

Libyan Helping Hands  is committed to take all reasonable steps to ensure this core principle of its work.

Libyan helping Hands’s  policy to prevent aid diversion, agreed by the Trustees, is binding for all volunteers and partners we work with . It is designed to help the Libyan Helping Hands   identify potential threats to Libyan Helping hands programmes, Trustees , beneficiaries and volunteers .

The policy includes a number of commitments that Libyan Helping Hands members will adhere to including:

  • Implementation of due diligence standards and management controls where likelihood of diversion is high
  • Reporting of any breaches of policy to Trustees Board
  • Providing training to volunteers and Trustees’ on relevant international and donor laws, on relevant Libyan Helping Hands  policies and on measures to be taken to prevent forms of financial abuse such as fraud, theft and loss
  • Taking other appropriate measures to ensure that Libyan Helping Hands partners remain compliant with the law

Libyan Helping Hands will not use the Donation Funds , directly or indirectly:

  • to carry on any propaganda or otherwise attempt to influence legislation
  • to influence the outcome of any specific public election or to carryon any voter registration drive
  • to induce or encourage violations of law or public policy or to ca use any improper private benefit to occur
  • to support terrorism or to individuals or organisations found on any terrorist-related list promulgated by
    the UK Government, the United Nations or the European Union