Protect, Watch over, Be with them.

With our Orphan Sponsorship   we provide monthly  support to orphans in Libya . In this Program , we meet orphans’ basic needs and ensure their safe livelihood. By October 2020, the number of orphans that we assist has reached 170 hundred   . We continue to work to reach more orphans and change their lives and the lives of their families.

Orphan Sponsorship Program :  which aims to support orphans financially and to meet their needs regularly, connects orphans and those who wish to help them. We support orphans’ education, health, shelter, food and clothing needs through monthly assistances.

Orphan Education Sponsorship : We continue to support our orphans until they become independent. With the Orphan Education Sponsorship, we support orphans over the age of 16 to continue their education and give them the opportunity to complete their education in this way, they can now stand on their own feet
and contribute to their family, surrounding and country.

Orphan Relief Fund :Apart from the orphan sponsorships Donation , all other donations made to orphans  used to renovate orphanages, setting up libraries or dormitories, provision of healthcare, organizing social activities for orphans, as well as purchasing Eid outfits for orphans.

Annual Orphan Sponsorship

Find Out how you can sponsor an Orphan For £300 per year and fulfill the blessing of sunnah.


Monthly Orphan Sponsorship

Find Out how you can sponsor and Orphan For Only £25 per month and fulfil the blessing sunnah


Orphan Relief Fund

Find Out How you can support  Orphanages, Social Activities , as well as purchasing Eid outfits for Orphans.