Libyan Helping Hands  Helping to Fight the Pandemic

The Libyan Helping Hands  handed over a batch of medical supplies  to two Isolation center in Libya to help  fight the COVID-19 pandemic,

the donation include filling of 25 oxygen cylinders, oxygen regulators, ECG paper and electrodes, medical gloves, medical masks and much more

Libyan Helping Hands  has tried its very best to be proactive in the Covid-19 emergency response in Libya by supporting isolation and medical centres. Many other centres are in need of more help with supplies and pandemic assistance.

The Isolation centre send their deepest gratitudes to the association for their much needed help and support.

With your help and generous donations, Libyan Helping Hands  has managed to  supply these centers with requested medical  supplies  to alleviating the hardships of the ill  and to to safe lives.

The contributions from donors like you ensure we can continue to provide help and provide support to during during this unprecedented time.

Letter Received from Alharaba Isolation centre in Libya