The Libyan Helping Hands Charity is pleased to announce to the our sponsors that Monthly Sponsorship for January were handed over in full to all orphans and in all regions (Tripoli and its suburbs, the Western Mountain, the South and Sirte).

Thanks to All the Sponsors who committed to the service of those orphans and fulfill their needs in these difficult times that the country is going through, so we ask Allah to accept from you and fulfill your needs for your endeavor to provide for them a livelihood. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said ((The sponsor of the widow and the poor is like the striver for the sake of Allah)).

Over 30 orphaned children are currently registered on our waiting list. Sponsor an orphaned child today and change lives, we will provide you with a personal file for the orphan, along with his personal documents and the guardian’s contact, so that you can get in touch with his family .

Begin your child sponsorship journey… By sponsoring a child, you are providing crucial financial aid; just enough to lift them above the poverty line in Libya. Enabling the child to live in dignity by covering their essential basic needs.

Please contact us if you need more information about the Orphan sponsorship program