Fidya & Kaffara Yameen Donation

Fidyah is paid by those who are unable to fast owing to illness, old age or infirmity.

Kaffarah yameen is the compensation that you should pay if you breaking an oath/yameen or vow/nadher. You have to feed 10 poor people at a rate of £2.83  per person (the cost of an average meal in Libya ). This amounts to £28.3  kaffarah for each breaking an oath/yameen or vow/nadher.

Libyan helping hands with do this on your behalf at the cost  am mean in Libya  £2.83 per person there is small  card processing fees . For example to feed 10 people that will cost £28.3+ processing fees , the meals will be distributed in Libya

Plus an additional to cover gateway fees.
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Donation Total: £2.83