Libyan Helping Hands Donate Medical Supplies to Tripoli University Hospital in Tripoli, Libya

The Libyan Helping Hands  handed over a batch of medical supplies  to    Tripoli University Hospital Cancer Dep in Tripoli to help with shortages of supplies .

The donations include gloves  , face masks, medical Alcohol containers ,  5m and 3 ml Syringe, burette sets, 22g and 24g cannulas and Cantons rolls

The cost of these supplies were £580  ( 3500 Libyan Dinar ) and Donation funded from  Cancer  Appeal  campaign

With your help and generous donations, Libyan Helping Hands  has managed to  supply these centers with requested medical  supplies  to alleviating the hardships of the ill  and to to safe lives.

The contributions from donors like you ensure we can continue to provide help and provide support to during during this unprecedented time.

Letter Received from Site Isolation center in Libya